Department of Transportation

Senior Civilian Officials

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Although it no longer supervises the Coast Guard, the Department of Transportation continues to have a number of maritime responsibilities, including oversight of the U.S. Merchant Marine through the Maritime Administration and serving as the U.S. authority for operation of the U.S.-Canadian St. Lawrence Seaway. The Presidentially-appointed, Senate-confirmed officials listed below occasionally display their flags aboard ships and boats owned and operated by DOT as well as in their offices and on official occasions elsewhere, normally in the 52 by 66 inch size with fringe, cord, and tassels.  All of them have the same basic design, the Department of Transportation "triskelion" emblem encircled by the name of the Department, all in white, on various colored backgrounds.  The Departmental flag is of this same design, but white with the triskelion in "DOT blue" and the lettering in gray.

Secretary of Transportation

The Secretary of Transportation flies a "DOT blue" flag with the emblem in white.

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Deputy Secretary of Transportation

The Deputy Secretary uses a red flag with the triskelion in white.

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Assistant Secretaries of Transportation

Assistant Secretaries use yellow flags with the emblem in white.

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