Other Maritime and Flag Sites

General Flag Sites

Flags of the World is the most comprehensive source of information on all types of flags available anywhere. Information on maritime and naval flags of most countries can be found through the main pages for the various countries.

The World Flag Database, while less comprehensive than Flags of the World, has exceptionally high-quality images and is especially outstanding on British and Commonwealth flags.

Maritime Flags of Other Nations

The following are the best sites I have found for information on various countries' naval and maritime flags:

For the British Royal Navy, The Colours of the Fleet, at the Royal Navy's official website.

For Italy's Marina Militare Italiana, Flags of the Italian Navy.

For the Netherlands' Koninklijke Marine, the Shipmate Flagchart page on naval flags. See also the same site's page on other Netherlands military flags as well.

Poland's Marynarka Wojenna is well covered by Adam Kromer's Banners and Flags of the Polish Navy (in Polish). Other maritime flags are linked from Adam's home page, Polish Flags, Standards, and Banners.

The best site for Portuguese flags is António Martins' Bandeiras de Portugal. See in particular his pages on Flags and Ensigns of the Navy, but also the pages on yacht club burgees, mercantile house flags, and historic flags linked from the main page.

Viktor Lomantsov presents Vexillographia - Flags of Russia in Russian with English navigation aids. For the flags of the modern Russian Navy, check out his page on the Voyenno-Morskoi Flot. Viktor's site also has a large collection of historic naval and other maritime flags.

For Spain's Armada de España, Banderas de España y Entorno by Luis Miguel Arias Pérez. Luis Miguel also has a large amount of historic material.

Yachting Flags

The most complete site is probably www.burgees.com, which has a huge collection of images provided for the most part by the clubs themselves. Because of the sources, the quality varies. For much better images of selected clubs, I highly recommend José C. Alegría's Flags of Recreational Boating.

Merchant Marine Flags

Josef Nuesse's Ships and Flags features photographs of the house flags of a large number of shipping lines from around the world.

Military Flags in General

I highly recommend Tom Gregg's War Flags, which has a wealth of information on the flags used by the armies, air forces, and navies of a wide variety of countries and eras.

Sites About Naval Customs and Traditions

The U.S. Navy Historical Center has a number of fact sheets on various aspects of Navy customs and traditions.

Covey-Crump, at the Royal Navy's official website, is a classic dictionary of British naval terminology, including slang, and contains a wealth of information on RN customs and traditions.

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