U.S. Naval Sailing Association

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About the U.S. Naval Sailing Association

The purpose of the U.S. Naval Sailing Association is to support sail training and recreational sailing for members of all the armed forces.  It provides volunteer instructors and conducts qualification tests.  Although the USNSA is an independent non-profit organization, it is officially recognized in an advisory and assistance capacity by the Chief of Naval Personnel. Most member clubs are supported by non-appropriated morale, welfare, and recreation funds.

Burgees of USNSA Member Clubs

Portsmouth Naval Yacht Club
(Portsmouth, NH)

Coasters Harbor Naval Yacht Club
(Newport, RI)

Quonset-Davisville Navy Yacht Club
(Davisville, RI)

Groton Navy Yacht Club
(Groton, CT)

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
(Kings Point, NY)

Naval Academy Sailing Squadron
(Annapolis, MD)

Annapolis Naval Sailing Association
(Annapolis, MD)

Pentagon Sailing Club
(Washington, DC)

Navy Patuxent Sailing Club
(Lexington Park, MD)

Quantico Yacht Club
(Quantico, VA)

Old Point Comfort Yacht Club
(Fort Monroe, VA)

Norfolk Naval Sailing Association
(Norfolk, VA)

Hancock Yacht Club
(Cherry Point, NC)

Navy Jacksonville Yacht Club
(Jacksonville, FL)

Navy Yacht Club of Pensacola
(Pensacola, FL)

Great Lakes Yacht Club
(Great Lakes, IL)

Navy Yacht Club San Diego
(San Diego, CA)

Santa Margarita Sailing Club 
(Camp Pendleton, CA)

Navy Yacht Club of Long Beach
(Long Beach, CA)

Navy Yacht Club Channel Islands 
(Port Hueneme, CA)

Naval Postgraduate School Sailing Assn 
(Monterey, CA)

Treasure Island Yacht Club
(San Francisco, CA)

Presidio Yacht Club
(Sausalito, CA)

Navy Yacht Club Everett
(Everett, WA)

Whidbey Island Naval Sailing Association
(Whidbey Island, WA)

Iroquois Lagoon Yacht Club
(Ewa Beach, HI)

Misawa Yacht Club
(Misawa, Japan)

Yokosuka Yacht Club
(Yokosuka, Japan)

Diego Garcia Yacht Club
(British Indian Ocean Territory)

The following clubs are also said to be members of USNSA, but I have not been able to locate the designs of their burgees.  In addition, a number of marinas that are not organized as clubs also belong to USNSA.

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