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Regimental Flag

The U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, New York, was founded in 1938 to train qualified officers for the merchant service.  Students graduate with mates' or engineers' licenses and commissions in the Naval Reserve or Coast Guard Reserve.  The Academy operates under the auspices of the Maritime Administration.  Kings Point's Regiment of Midshipmen has the distinction of carrying not one but two institutional colors, a regimental flag and a "battle standard." Both are carried on staffs bearing distinctive conical-shaped spearhead finials.

The regimental flag is blue with the academy badge on the center in gold and silver surrounded by two rings of golden chain, with the name of the institution inscribed in an arc above the badge and the location beneath it in gold letters.  The motto, "Acta non verba," translates as "Deeds, not words." 

Battle Standard

Battle Standard of the Merchant Marine Academy

The Merchant Marine Academy battle standard commemorates the sacrifices of Kings Point cadet-midshipmen during World War II, when 142 of them gave their lives while serving, prior to graduation, as junior officers aboard U.S. merchant vessels supplying and supporting the war effort.

Company Guidon

On parade, companies of the Kings Point Regiment of Midshipmen carry square guidons of this pattern, the company number being placed in the upper fly.


This pennant, with the KP monogram standing for "Kings Point," appears to be used as by the academy as the equivalent of a shipping line's house flag. For example, it was hoisted at the jackstaff of the academy's training ship, T/V Kings Pointer, when it was put into service in 2014. The same design in smaller size also serves as the burgee for the Kings Point sailing squadron.

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