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National Colors U.S. Marine Corps
    Ensign U.S. Coast Guard
    Union Jack      Coast Guard Auxiliary
    Commission Pennant      Department of Transportation Officials
Civil Officials U.S. Public Health Service
     President and Vice President National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
          History of  Presidential Flag      Department of Commerce Officials
     Department of Defense Department of the Army
     Department of the Navy Other Federal Agencies
     Department of State Merchant Marine
     Department of Commerce      Shipping Company House Flags
     Department of Transportation      Historic House Flags
Joint Chiefs of Staff State and Local 
Navy Flag Officers Private Organizations
Command Pennants Yachting Flags
Parade Flags      Yacht Club Flags
     Campaign Streamers      U.S. Power Squadrons
Award Pennants and Flags      National Boating Organizations
     Battle E and Command Excellence Marks      U.S. Naval Sailing Association
Battle and Unrep Flags      Yachtsmen's Private Signals
Miscellaneous Navy Flags Signaling at Sea
     U.S. Naval Sailing Association      History of Maritime Signaling
Flagstaff Finials and Ornaments      Signal Flags
U.S. Naval Academy      Illustrative Flaghoist Signals
International Flag Officers      Warning Signals

Customs, Ceremonies & Traditions

Flag-Related Customs Other Customs & Traditions
Efficiency Competitions Boats
Table of Honors The Law and Sea Flags



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